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Safer Building Solutions is a marketing and customer service company that represents manufacturers of exterior fire resistant wood and wood related building products.

SBS is active on committees with the California State Fire Marshall’s Office, Fire Wise and Fire Safe Council for use of fire resistant building materials in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).

SBS is also an active member of the LACN (Lumber Association of California and Nevada), and a voting member of ASTM (on several committees for fire resistant building materials).

Bill Hendricks, owner of SBS, has been representing fire safe roofing materials and moisture management for homes and venting materials since 1984.

SBS offers the following consulting services in planning a fire safe communities, or home.

· Working with homeowners or architects in the planning and construction of a fire safe home. From site work to choice of materials, we work with the building and fire departments to get your building plans approved.

· If you are a Developer building in the Wildland-Urban Interface areas of California, let our team of retired but still active Fire Officials help you plan and present your subdivisions to the planning and fire officials in your area.

· For City and County Planning Departments, our team can assess the proposed WUI developments and make recommendations for fire safe communities.