Armstrong Clark Company offers a complete line of oil-based stains that are long lasting and easy to apply, even in direct sunlight and the heat of the day. You can even apply two coats, wet or dry without any problems. Armstrong’s formula is a combination of drying and non-drying oils that give the user two layers of protection with one brush stroke. Armstrong stains have been tested to be compatible with pressure treated F/R wood. Most of Armstrong stains are available with Flame Retardant to help protect your untreated decking and siding against the spread of fire from burning embers.

Armstrong also offers Shake Shield. This product rejuvenates old shake roofs and offers them UV protection, and gives you that new shake look. Shake Shield is also available with Flame Retardant.

SaferWood products give you the peace of mind that only comes from a company with over 30 years experience in wood modification and enhancement technologies. (Chemco Inc.) Whether your needs are building code compliance, or you just desire the beauty, durability and protection that comes with specifying fire resistant wood, SaferWood offers Class A, B & C rated wood roofing, siding, decking and logs.

WESCO Cedar are world wide distributors of FTX fire retardant shakes and shingles as well as FRX fire retardant exterior lumber for siding, soffets, fascias, and decking.

Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated has been a leading designer and provider of residential building products for over 130 years. With new home construction being water and air tight, ventilation and moisture control is very important in the construction of any home. This will help eliminate most mold and mildew problems that can happen with poor ventilation. For roofing they manufacture a complete line of ridge venting materials. This includes Cedar Breather, which is used under wood shingles to let them breath when installed over solid sheathing. They also manufacture Home Slicker. Which, when installed behind your side wall cladding (being wood or stucco) will allow the condensation that is built up in your home to vent through the wall and then drain through the Home Slicker protecting your sidewall cladding from moisture penetration from the backside.

FSR fire treats shakes and shingles to meet the code standards not only in California, but throughout the United States. FSR treated shakes and shingles are listed with the California State Fire Marshals Office for use in the Wildland Urban Interface. They are also listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council, and meet Chapter 24 of the California Energy Code as a “Cool Roof”.



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